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Last night I was having this strange thing going on. I was trying to sleep, and was in-fact able to fall asleep somehow, but would wake up again in about 15 minutes. This process was repeated several times, until I realised that it might be impossible for me to fall asleep for several hours due to some reasons beyond my understanding. So I decided to goof away online for a while but got too bored with it (There is nothing good on internet anymore, I am starting to think that this internet-thing has almost ran it course now). Well, I took on to some more traditional method of killing time - Drawing.

Ergo, I took out my very old Art Copy, opened it, and started to think what exactly to draw in first place. Obviously I didn't wanted  to work on anything big and elaborate at this time of night, so I settled in for simple pencil-shading. Now, a few days ago I had seen somewhere, maybe in a some sort of ad in the newspaper, that there was a image of tiger made by using the English alphabets (I don't remember now what this sort of art is called). That image was very cool,the tiger there was made by using the words "Tyger Tyger Burning Bright", which is actually the opening lines of a poem called "The Tyger" by William Blake. Well, I decided to give it a go.

However, the tiger which I had originally seen was very much tigery-type - bold, ferocious and majestic. What I managed to draw was somewhat similar, only instead of ferocious it looked like someone was strangling it by neck. Lol. Here it is :-
So, lesson du jour :- Don't try to draw things when you are half asleep, things can turn funny.
But anyway, rest of the drawing is kinda cool!


Gud work itz funny!


I made it at 02:40 am. Well, it was sort of destined to be funny lol;)I made it at 02:40 am. Well, it was sort of destined to be funny lol;)


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