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There Is No Such Word as Boring!

Feeling too bored??? Feeling like your life hasn't got any interesting element?? Well, time to check out the awesome getting-rid-of-boredom formula, courtsey my ever-awesome Facebook buddy Freddie. He has complied a list of 100 to-do things when you are bored. Read on, and never complain of boredom again!!!

1) Press the lol button for every thing as fast as you can, break the world record.
2) Point at someone and shout "Your one of them!" Run and pretend to trip. Crawl away slowly.
3) Run up to someone random on the street and slap them with a loaf of bread.
‎4) Walk up to a small child that resembles you, and tell them that you are them from the future.
5) Ask people on the street what year it is, and look scared when you get the answer.
6) Go into an elevator and start talking abo...ut how small elephants are.
7) Call random number and ask "What's your favorite scary movie?".
8) Go to a Chinese restaruant and ask for Mexican food. 
10) Go around in a worker suit and scream bob the builder can we fix it yes we can!!!!!!!
11) Put a jellybaby on the seats next to you and stop anyone who tries to sit down..(In town or home).
12) Go to McDonalds and ask for a happy meal with extra happy.
13) Pretend to be a hobo. You might get soup.
14) Throw a pokemon ball at your teachers head and scream "gotta catch em all".
15) Kick random people into open manholes while shouting "This is Sparta!" all the while.
16) Run into a boys gym class and start singing winnie the pooh and dance to see what happens.
17) Buy fuzzy socks and put them on your dogs ears and take him 4 a walk and c wat they say.
18) Go to a 24 hour gas station and buy one penny worth of gas.
19) Buy some pancakes and throw them at your friends face,see what they do.
20) Name your hair George, then go to the salon and be upstet that they killed him.
21) Type in a random number and when they answer yell U KILLED MY MILKSHAKE!!!!!!!!
22) Go sit on your neighbor's car, and scream "GIDDYUP, HORSIE!!!!"
23) Go to walmart carrying a stack of eggs and fall on purpose, then run away.
24) Creep out some random people by asking them if they can rub your feet.
25) Make a nametag that says "If you are reading this, you are too close." Wear it all day.
26) Hire a taxi. When the man asks you where you want to go, say "To infinity, and beyond".
27) Go up to a random person and say "Waldo! i haven't seen you in ages!!!!!!"
28) Freak out the next time someone says hello to you.
29) On halloween pretend it's christmas.
30) Give a cashier a $100 bill and ask for change in pennies.
31) Blow up a balloon, then ask someone to pop it, when they do, start screaming.
32) Go up to a really buff man and hug him yelling GRANDMAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
33) Ask a british lady to say "thats one dirty fork".
34) Go up to random people and shout , WERE DID YOU PUT MY FAMILY?
35) Throw pudding at your cat, then scream at it to get a job.
36) Go into a public place fully clothed and shout, "no-one look I'm naked!"
37) Microwave your homework.
38) Dress up as a superhero pretending to stop bank robbers.
39) Come late to school and when the teacher asks why say your pet rock had a seizure.
40) Find a person named Scott from Scotland and make fun of him endlessly.
‎41) When in an elevator ask if you can push the button for other people, but push the wrong ones.
42) Yell cheese bubles in a crowded place and see who looks at you.
43) Call someone and ask for their phone number, then show up at their house and ask for their address.
44) In the middle of class/work, get up, stand on a chair or desk and try to steal the light bulb.
45) Crawl thourgth the drive thougth window at McDonald.
46) Go in to a public bathroom, go into a stall, wait a second, then scream, "Mommy I need help!"
47) Buy a squeak toy and squeeze it in the most public places.
48) Order a pepperoni pizza. Then say "And remember... no pepperoni! Hang up before they can reply.
49) Go up to a old lady and ask them if they like ham. If they do give them a block of cheese...
50) Have a staring competition with a Walmart sticker, then laugh at it when it blinks.
51) Tie hotwheels cars to the bottom of your cat/dog's feet.
52) Throw mustard random passer-bys.
53) Go to the mall and scream "Stop stalking me" to your mom!
54) Take a Quarter and Super glue it to the floor in Walmart.Watch how many people try to pick it up!
55) Go to McDonald's wearing a burger king crown.
56) Pull over on a highway and scream into a bull horn "LIFE IS A HIGHWAY!"
57) Ask random people at wal-mart if they know the muffin man.
58) Make a bunch of LOST PET posters for your pet brother,and see how many people actually call you
59) Put your head in a bag yelling, I FOUND NARNIA!
60) Ring at every door in your neighborhood and collect as many eggs as you can, it's for charity.
61) Sing "I'm A Bee" by the Black Eyed Peas while standing next to a beehive.
62) Go to staples and shout "WOW! that's a low price!!!" at every price you see.
63) Sit in a cage with your obese, obnoxious dog while ordering bacon air freshners on ebay.
64) Buy a dog, paint it green and shout "gremlin!, gremlin!"
65) Go up to a random person and start yelling at them and ask them why they ruined your life.
66) Sit on a curb with a stuffed animal and scream at it about how it ruined your life.
67) Fill your mouth with whipped cream, then run down the street screaming "I HAVE RABIES".
68) Pretend to be a werwolf in front of someone whos addicted to Twilight.
69) Walk into a police station with a mango and accuse it of killing your cat.
70) Leave your best friends # on a piece of paper and put it on your teachers desk saying "CALL ME!"
71) Go to ikea, climb the incredibly high shelves and pretend to be Tarzan.
72) Go to a restruant then whatever you order eat while crying (for no reason).
73) Put someone's stapler in jello.
74) Run barefoot through your neighborhood screaming.."HELP DUST BUNNIES HAVE INVADED MY HOME!!"
75) Get a tatoo of the face of the person who did the tatoo.
76) Run up on a down escalator shouting " How are you people walkng soo fast".
77) Get a frozen fish and push it around in a baby stroller.
78) Randomly fart on a date and then tell your date to stop farting. [LOLOLOLOL]
79) Walk up the street screaming aliens are invading, and see how many people come out.
80) Place posters around town saing: "HELP, LOST HOUSE FLY!!! NAME BUZZ, about 1.5 cm tall!!!
81) Go to a random house and walk in and say honey I'm home.
82) Sit on top your car and when people drive by, shout, "don't point! pointings rude!"
83) Go to a restaraunt and ask the waitress for an extra seat for your imaginary friend.
84) Go outside into the middle of the street and dance around like a foxy peguin.
85) Go into an elevator so there is only 2 of you in there poke the other person and pretend it wasn't u.
86) Go to work in just you underwear telling everyone, "Why does it matter? It's just a dream."
87) Do something ilegal like go out side at 11 p.m. and scream I am the lion king.
88) Play marco polo in a busy intersection.
89) Attack you neighbors with an army of garden knomes!
90) Walk around sniffing people.
91) Wear a frog outfit and walk around town saying "MOO".
92) Go to a butchery and ask for some lettuce.
93) Interview a tree in a public place.
94) Walk up to somebody and say "Im not wearing any pants" People will look down 99% of the time.
95) Fall down your stairs and then apoligise to every single one of them.
96) Go to a pet shop, point at an employee, and shout "I WANT THAT ONE MOMMY!!!"
97) Throw M&Ms at people any say I'M NOT AFRAID!
98) Go to a place with an elevator and pretend you live there.
99) Go to an atm machine and when the money comes out scream i win i win.
100) Take over the McDonalds Playground and don't let the little kiddies on it and laugh evilly.
101) Go back up this list and notice that there is no number "9". 


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