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Hot Politicians!

I never really think too much about politics, neither do I care much about politicians. Most of the time, I think of it as a dirty-game, etc etc. But today, I was clearly stuck-on by a politician. Not by the said's politician ideology or anything like that (of which I don't know much really), by by her physical looks.

Yes, right! The likes of Sarah Palin and Carla Bruni (well, she is not really a politician, but whatever) have clearly got tough competition with the brand new Pakistan's Foreign Minister, Hina Rabbani Khar. Yup, she is really young (about 34 years old), and she is really Cute  (Capital C!)!

Today when I first saw her picture on the newspaper, I sort of glanced at it, thought that she might be some new film star or something, and dismissed it. Three hours later, I actually read the caption below the picture, and it said she was a the foreign minister of Pakistan visiting New Delhi today, and I was like - Whoa, since when did Pakistani politicians became this Hot! Well, here are some pictures of her at the Delhi airport........

Now these pics up here are the ones which I collected from Internet, from various news websites. This one down below is the one which was in The Telegraph today. The picture is little blurry, because it is scanned from the newspaper, and apparently, the newspaper wasn't kept in a very good condition by the time I scanned this picture. 

Well, and here are few more random pics of her (clearly, I fancy this woman a lot).

Ah.......nothing more to say.......A picture is worth a thousand know.....


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