Bird Poop!!!

Mostly Humorous.


This picture is my favorite among all I ever made.Just look at her face, its so pretty. Boy, I just love her!! I have christened her Viola, taken from Shakespeare play Twelfth Night. There is quite a funny story behind this picture too. It was May 21st of this year, the day Pirates of Caribbean 4 was released. Now, as everyone will be aware there were lots of cute mermaids in that movie. Well, when I got home that day, my mind was kinda filled with swimming mermaids. And I thought that it will be rather cool to have them out on paper (to keep them with me, you know, silly thoughts lol). So I just drew one, and blimey, it was a good job indeed ;)
Geez, now I can sort of "imagine" how those sailors must have felt upon seeing a mermaid lol.

If only Viola was real!!!!!! :D

Safe Hacking

This is another one of MIT's blog, Snively this time. Here he talks about hacking ethics of MIT, or more precisely, how to practice safe hacking. I really like all these codes, though Snively intended to write these as a set of rules for the hacking community (a much cooler name for pranksters) at MIT, I find that these rules can be used for day to day life as well, when you feel an urge to do some pranky-sorta things.

  • Be subtle. Don't leave evidence that you were there.
  • Always leave things as you found them, or better.
  • Leave no permanent damage, both during hacks and while hacking.
  • Don't steal anything. If you must borrow something, always return it-- perhaps even leave a note saying when it will be returned.
  • Brute force is the last resort of the incompetent. (This one is clearly my favorite ;) )
  • Don't drink and hack. Enough said.
  • Don't drop things (without a ground crew).
  • Don't hack alone.
  • Above all, exercise common sense.

Degrees of Squalor!

Blimey, I have been going through an old MIT Blog by Sam right now, where he talks about Degrees of Squalor! Apparently, the amount of squalor you live in can be measured on a four-point scale, which is something like this :-

  • First Degree Squalor:- You are getting behind in tasks that you would normally manage, like laundry and dishes. You are not the tidy person you once were. Little piles are starting to emerge and your disorganization is starting to affect your life and inconvenience you. Things are just starting to get out of hand and become unmanageable. A sign of first degree squalor could be that you might be embarrassed for other people to see your mess...but you would still let them in the house.
  • Second Degree Squalor:- Now things are really starting to get out of hand. Signs that you have reached second degree would include losing the use of normal household items like your bed, table, television or telephone, because the piles have expanded to cover the items up. You start to develop new methods of moving around your house, as normal movement is impeded by your piles of stuff. You might start making excuses to discourage people from entering your house.
  • Third Degree Squalor:- At this stage, you have all the above, plus you have rotting food and animal faeces and/or urine in the house, and this is the rule not the exception. You cannot cope with the growing mess. Essential household repairs may not be done, because you are too afraid to let a tradesperson see your house. Just the thought of someone seeing your mess causes you great stress.
  • Fourth Degree Squalor:- At fourth degree squalor, you have all of the above, plus you have human faeces and/or urine in your house that is not in the toilet. (lol!!!!)
Clearly, after reading all this, I was sort of compelled to determine in what degree of squalor I actually live in. Let's see, I usually get behind in tasks (sleeping, and others) I once used to do earlier on time, my bookshelf usually remains highly messy, so does my bed and and I sometimes I don't want new people to see what condition my room is in. So I fit in a lettle lesser than First-Degree. Well, I can say that I live in a squalor of approximately 0.96542 Degree. Hmm, that's not much ;)

For those out here who fall among the higher degree, I quote these two lines (not mine, of course) for your comfort :-
  • You are not the only person to have reached this degree of squalor. Other people have been where you are...and have came back.
  • You deserve better!

Art Thingy!

Sometimes, to let off steam, I do these:-

Waiting Girl
There is a bit of story behind this picture. Maybe I will post it at some later time.


Over time, I will be posting more such drawings. Its better to put them up here than to keep them tucked away neatly in a folder in home, ain't it?  

Craptastic Day

Anyone will agree with this philosophy of mine - "Some days are good, some are too good, some are crappy, yet others are outwardly crappy."

Yesterday was one of those fourth category days -Outwardly Crappy! And its crappiness was sort of increased with each passing minute of day. Groan!

The bad things sort of started with the night preceding yesterday, when I just couldn't get to sleep. Usually its quite normal for me to pull off late-nighters, but I do that for a reason. But that night, I was actually trying to sleep, was was kept awaken because off all the bang-bang of the thunder, and the barking of dogs followed by each bang. I finally managed to sleep by 3:30 am or so, but was awaken rather early at 6:30am. Three hours of sleep = Crap 1!

Since it was a working day, I had to go to my classes, which I particularly hate. Well, I thought that maybe I will finish my sleep there or something (wouldn't it be just better to ditch it for a day?). Whatever, at around 7:15am, I suddenly remembered that I had to call Richie today, as I had told her earlier that I would. So I rung her up (two times) but she didn't pick up (I hate it when she this happens). So I dropped her a text, telling to call me later in day. After an hour I had to leave for my class, and here comes the dreaded traffic! Yeah, I got stuck in traffic, AGAIN. And this was one of those big traffic-jams, which could take hours to clear up. But somehow, after suffering only half and hour in dust, blowing horns, exaust smoke etc, I magange to get out of it, running almost 15 minutes late for class. Calling Richie + Traffic Jam + Slight Headache because of jam = Crap 2!

Now comes the funniest part of the day. As I ran (elevators were kinda busy) up to my classroom on the 7th floor, I found that almost all of my class (and also the students from other classes) were standing out in groups laughing and talking. "What! they can't all be late?" Well, they were kind enough to inform me that all the classes are shut down in order to show support for the nationwide protests for removing corruption. Well, if only I had known it before, then I didn't had to traverse 22 kilometers all the way to here, battling extreme traffic and sleepiness. Crap 3!

Ah well, it was almost 11:00am by then, and again I got revisited by the idea of asking Richie out for coffee (read this post for details). I mean, I could wait for half an hour, easily. At 11:30, I called her again, three times, but yet no response. Totally frustrated, I dropped her a text message again, just to explain why I was calling her now & telling again to call me, and started back for home, gearing myself for the traffic-jams which lay ahead of me. Crap 4!

But I wasn't in a mood to go to home, so I called one of my friends and asked if I could crash-by at his place. Well, he told me to come over, as his two Other friends were coming as well, and we could play some video games or something. Well, I had a somewhat good time there, but the games were kinda horrible, at least for me. I scored lowest of all four - a score of mere 50 against 200 above of others, much to everyone's amusement. And then, while coming back, I caught up with heavy rains (it was the only component missing of  a crappy day). Plus I had a terrible throbbing Headache in night, because of all the traffic and things, and yeah, Richie didn't call back, neither sent a text or anything. 

Wasn't this a perfectly Craptastic Day????

Update: Richie actually called me today in evening, said she was sorry for yesterday. She actually talked for long, around 18-19 minutes. Cooool ;)

Harry Potter Addict?

Its a common knowledge that I am a big big big fan of Harry Potter. But how do someone finds out that he or she is apparently addicted to Harry Potter. Simple enough, check out the list below. If you are one of these, clearly you need some help.

  • "You've Got Mail" and you run outside looking for an owl.
  • You ask for a broom for Christmas.
  • You sort everyone you meet into the four Hogwarts houses.
  • You went out and bought the latest edition of the Webster's Dictionary because they added the word "muggle".
  • You were burned trying to get through the flames of your fireplace.
  • You say Lumos Maxima when it's too dark.
  • You say Scourgify after finishing your business in toilet.
  • You say Aguamenti when you go to pee (lol).
  • You hiss back at the snakes.
  • When you get irritated on someone, you start thinking about ways to hex him/her.
  • You start looking for toads as pets.
  • You start giving away gold and silver coins for purchases.
  • You were kicked out of the movie theater for standing on your chair, throwing your shoe at the screen and yelling "THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN IN THE BOOK!"

Random Post (literally)

Help!!!! Help me!!!! I can't see anything.....
Get me out of here somebody, please....

The Geek Code!

This other day I was explaining to one of my friends about the Geek Code. They are a bunch of rules which are supposed to be followed by any person who is inclined to geeky-ness. Of course, it's not at all necessary to adhere to these rules, but its good to stick by them, as I do. Well, as Gibbs says in NCIS - "Everyone needs a set of rules to live by" , so here are mine (followers welcome):-
  • When in doubt, speak geek.
  • When the computers don't work and the computer technicians won't work, fix them yourself.
  • Always speak the truth.
  • Always be respectful and polite, no matter what the provocation.
  • Take all possible opportunities to get the revenge of the geek, while maintaining very polite language.
  • Use vocabulary and implacable will to intimidate the person you talk.
  • Be willing to stand up to gang-leaders, by using your height to stare down upon them.
  • Don't ask, so that they won't have to tell.
  • Keep more email addresses than pants.
  • Respect technology.
This much for now. Over time, I will add more as they become apparent.