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Waiting in Vain

Huh, talk about a crappy day. Ok so this is what happened today :

Shorter Version: I waited for a girl for a little more than two hours, she didn't show up. When she did showed up, I was already gone.

Longer Detailed Version: There lives a certain girl merely 30 metres away from my house (my neighbour, ok), whom I always fancied a little. However, there is this tiny-weenie problem. She is four years older than me, already a college graduate, and me, well I just turned 18. Whatever, so this girl, whom I am going to address here by her nickname Richie, and me are somewhat friendly. But we rarely get to see each other, due to our conflicting schedules. In fact I haven't talked to her face to face since September last year (yeah right, she is my neighbour!). Moreover, we have our additional classes in the same building, me on 7th floor, she on 3rd floor.

Today, my classes were kinda extremely short, and were over by 11:00am. I know that her classes usually end by 11:30, so I texted her and asked that since we both are done with our classes, would she like to go home together with me, maybe we could stop by for some coffee or something. And guess what, the reply was positive. But there was this little catch, she told that her classes might not be over till 01:30pm, and asked whether I was willing to wait till then. "Oh yeah, sure no problem" - this was my reply without any thinking.
But after telling her so, I realised that there are in fact 120 minutes between 11:30am and 01:30pm, and the wait was going to be extraordinarily boring. And as I had already told her that I would wait, it felt very awkward to tell her again that I am not gonna wait. Well luckily for me, I found a gaming parlour down the road, and one hour went off gleefully, though it made my purse a little lighter.

So, its 12:30pm now, and I have got another hour to loaf away. What to do??? Well, how about taking a long slow stroll alongside the road. It was a cloudy day, cool breeze blowing by, and the stroll might help to get rid of the few extra pounds which I have put up in the holidays. So I spent half and hour simply roaming up and down the whole section of road, twice. The final half hour was the hardest, I merely sat in the almost empty Waiting Room, doing nothing but waiting.
But 01:30pm came and passed. No sign of Richie or any other of her classmates. At 01:40 I texted her again, no response. At 01:50, I called her, but she disconnected the phone. I decided to wait till 02:00 pm, but still static. At 02:15, I finally gave up, thought that either her teachers have gone crazy or she is ignoring me, I started back for home, in rather dejected spirits.

However, at 02:26, she called me, telling that her classes just got over and asked where was I, to which I replied that I am now halfway to home. If only I could have waited for another 10 minutes, things would have been a lot different. Maybe this is what we call Bad Luck. For once I had my classes ending early, but her classes got extended on that particular day.

Is there gonna be any next time???? I don't know. Well, as they say, better luck next time.


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