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I have been thinking about writing this since the Harry Potter movie came out one week ago, which I saw on its opening show. But then I decided to hold it till its reviews came out in The Telegraph, one week afterward, and anyway, I was kinda busy in this week. But oh boy, what a movie it was. For instance Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 97%, and The Telegraph gave it 10/10 in all its categories, a feat unseen before in my memory.

While Deathly Hallows Part 1 was more of a road movie. Part 2 kinda brought it all back to Hogwarts (though not a fabulous place anymore), fast paced, and yet deeply moving. Watched as a stand-alone movie, it is likely to strike newcomers as completely mystifying, but committed and even semi-committed fans will surely welcome it as a worthy climax to the most successful film franchise in the history.

Well, I am not going to write a movie review here, so I better put down some of my most favorite scenes from the movie. Though all of the movie was sort of a big favorite scene, here I choose a few :-

The Dragon Escape: The trio escape the Gringotts bank on a big flaming-throwing dragon, flying over the streets of London. Though it was as much exciting in the book, the movie made it sort of come out to real. Personally, I can't think up anything more cool than flying over the London on a dragon. Ron cries out- "THAT WAS BRILLIANT......ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT".

Voldemort's Voice In Hogwarts: A little girls gives out the blood-curdling scream, and everyone reels under the effect of some unknown force. "Give Harry Potter to me or the battle in on". Exhilaratingly creepy!

Statues Come to Life: The final battle is about to start and everyone is coughing up their resources. Professor McGonagall flicks her wand, utters the spell, and the giant armoured statue jumps to life - Magnificent! Bang, bang, bang, more statues come jumping in! We all clap & cheer in pleasure & awe.

Protecting Hogwarts: Professors Flitwick, Slughorn and others cast protective enchantments around Hogwarts to produce one of the most magical sights. The enchantments come together high above the Hogwarts to form a big protective dome. Then comes the attack from Voldemort's army - a volley of blue jets- striking the dome and frizzing out. Way too cool!!

Snape's Memories: In the pensieve, the scenes where Snape looks longingly a young Lily Potter, his tearful request to Dumbledore to protect her from Voldemort and his breaking down as he hugs Lily's lifeless body will not leave any true Harry Potter fan dry-eyed (I am talking from experience).

Neville's Moment of Glory: Even as Ron and Hermione struggle to kill the snake Nagini, Neville  regains consciousness and with the sword of Griffindor slices of the giant snake's head. All hail Neville Longbottom!

Nineteen Years Later: An older Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione stand on Platform 9-3/4 to see off their children to Hogwarts, a Chocolate Frog leaps on to the window of the Hogwarts Express, taking us all back to 10 Muggle years to the first train journey that Harry Made to Hogwarts and the Chocolate Frog that had jumped out then.

In short, this movie was one of the best movie I have seen in recent years. And needless to say, the best Harry Potter movie so far. After watching it, I was torn between satisfied pleasure and sadness to be taking leave of Harry Potter! Well, as I said earlier, all good things do come to an end!


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