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It All Ends!

Tomorrow is the release date of the last Harry Potter movie. After all these years, the Harry Potter series is finally coming to an end. Its been so long, I am getting kinda nostalgic. The companionship of me and Harry Potter (books, and then movies) has been very close for all these years. I sort of grew up reading Harry Potter books, watching Harry Potter movies, following Dumbledore's wise thoughts and quoting & swearing by it characters in daily life.

Most of my personality today is defined by Harry Potter (among other books and things). It was the thing which pointed out to me that we can always choose what we want to be, that we can put our trust in certain people can be assured that they will never fail us, that there are worst things than death, and that owls can be kept as pets.

Besides these, it was Harry Potter which induced in me a passion for reading.When the first Harry Potter book came out in April 1997, I was four years old. That time, I used to think novels as those-thick-books-without-any-pictures-not-really-worth-reading. It was in either 2001 or 2002 that I came across the first Harry Potter movie, and absolutely loved it. After that, it was just me and Harry Potter! I dug up all the Harry Potter books available at that time, finished them as quickly as possible, and started waiting for new ones. In this waiting period, I re-read all these Harry Potter a million times, and then went on to read other novels. In short, if it weren't for Harry Potter, then "Reading" wouldn't have been on my the top of my Interests list.

The last book of Harry Potter was already out in 2007, tomorrow (today?? its 00:09 already!) with the release of its  final movie, it will all end. Well, all good things do come to an end. I am going to miss you A LOT, Harry!


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