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The Colored Ones!

Hmm...I remember spending a few lonely evenings by looking at the moon from my terrace. ;)
Well, I started to draw this picture above long ago, say in my eight grade i.e. 2006, but then never got a chance to finish it. Around sometime in November last year, while looking through old books, I found this unfinished pic tucked away neatly. Well, I thought I might as well finish it, but I am not really good with oil pastels, specially when I use them after a gap of four years! 

Peeping Sun
Poster colors aren't my thing at all; in fact I used them first and only time while drawing this one in June last year. But hey, it doesn't look too bad! Also, I had stolen these colors from my brother, who ain't really keen on drawing anyway. But I really prefer my pencil-shading thing over these colored stuff. Black & White drawings are kinda 'classic', aren't they?

Long Live the King and the Queen!

Look what's happening in the neighborhood. The little, quiet, hilly yet extremely peaceful and and happy Kingdom of Bhutan has got a new queen!!! Yes that's right, the highly popular king of Bhutan got married yesterday to his fiancee Jetsun Pema. Its really like a fairy tale wediing, Long-long-ago-in-a-land-far-far-away sort of thing. And with democracy displacing the monarchy all over the world, it might as well be last such occasion.
And let's not overlook the fact that the new Queen is rather cute!!! Yes, she is the second woman at a high post in government (well she is the queen, the highest) in Asia who has made it to this category, the first being Pakistan's current Foreign minister. And all we got here in India are ugly old politicians, the youngest of whom is over forty years. Can't we have some good-looking leaders here as well???

Ah well, here are some of the pics of Their Majesties -

Happy Couple!!! Well, they should be. Bhutan is rated as happiest country in Asia. In fact, its the only country in the world Which measures Gross National Happiness (GNP) of its people. About time other countries do the same.
A few years back the king wanted to turn Bhutan from a absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, but this lead to widespread protests there. Funny, ain't it? Usually its the other way round. But then, since that time king had absolute powers, he decided to go against the wishes of the people and made Bhutan a constitutional monarchy, thereby ending his own absolute powers. Now the country has a parliament and a prime minister. That time, the king had famously said "Better to end the monarchy from above before its ended from below."

No wonder people there love their king. It never hurts to have a charming and wise monarchy at your side, it's like soup for the soul, specially if your queen looks something like this -

Why it keeps happening with me???

Gawd, I don't know why do I always get this unlucky with Richie all the time. Every time I try to get together with her (that is, to ask for an unofficial date), some sort of crap comes up and makes all the plans go flat. Most of the time, its she who cancel things at the last moment. Well, cutting up the preamble, here is today's story-

It started with the usual phone call while commuting to our respective institutions (its an one hour long drive, there need to be something better than traffic jams). She said to me that she would be leaving from her classes at 1pm today, as her brother is going back to college in the afternoon and she would like to see him off. Coincidentally, I too was free today after 12:45 today and suggested that since she would be leaving at almost same time, we can come back together. After all, its a long way back home, and it stinks to be in it for one hour all alone. She agreed at once, and said that it was all very cool.

Now, armed with my so many previous experiences, particularly of her calling off such meet-ups at last minutes, I ask her SPECIFICALLY to be sure that she would be coming, SPECIFICALLY you know. She kinda pinky-swore that she would be definitely coming, no chances of being late or anything. I think I have asked this SPECIFIC question to her around 12 times, till the point of her visible (er.....visible in her voice, you know) irritation. She said that as she had to see-off her brother, she was VERY SPECIFIC that she would be leaving at 01:00pm, no worries there. So far, so good.

Well, I was really looking forward to this meet-up in my particularly boring Chemistry class today, when at around 11:30am my cellphone pinged to to notify me of a text from her. Usually, I rather wait for her texts and calls, but this one made be swore. As, soon as I saw that, I got this instinctive feeling that it bore bad news. Sure enough-
"Once again sorry. I am going to Post Office now, and will be going home from there."
My reply - "Grrr".

Can't things work smoothly anywhere???????


OMG, its really true, Bullet-time actually works!!! For those who don't know, Bullet time is that thing in some computer games when everything slows down and you get an extra advantage of kicking the bad guys ass. When this sort of thing is on, you can make out almost all details in the game, say the movement of bullets, the slow rotation of arrows, bad guys falling down etc. But this sort of thing has also been claimed to experienced by many people, usually when they suffer an accident or something. They seem to remember every minute detail of whatever happened to them, even how the grass leaves moved when they were falling on the ground (provided they were falling on a grassy sort of ground).

Now I have never experienced any bullet-time experience before, but as they say there is a first time for everything, and that first time was today. What actually happened that I was cutting my fingernails today, which is supposedly a very safe work to do, no chances of accident of any sort. But don't those tiny fingernails which you cut-off sometime fly out in random directions?? And today, one such tiny-weenie nail decided to aim for my left eye, which was not good at all. But even though that fingernail piece flew upwards at a rather high speed, I was able to see its exact rotations, as if everything was going in slow-mo. It was making horizontal rotations, much like a helicopter top wings, and I keep looking at it for almost a full one minute before it hit me, less than a second after which it was released from my original finger nail. (If this sentence didn't make any sense to you, re-read.)

What happened afterward was much quicker. That pointed nail-piece was lodged in my lower eye-lashes. And me, totally understanding the dangers of having any pointer thing poking at my eye at such a close range, carefully moved in front of mirror, and with utmost care, got that thing out.

Who ever thought that there was any potential danger of eye loss while cutting fingernails. I think I should be wearing protective glasses from next time when I cut my nails, just like Jackson used to do in Hannah Montana episodes.