Bird Poop!!!

Mostly Humorous.

Weekly Updates

  • I reached my classes late for two days in a row.
  • A bat came in my house through the window, and took refuge in my room. I was very much inclined to keep it as pet, but was not allowed to do so (obviously).
  • Read Around the World In Eighty Days for something like thousandth time.
  • Learnt that it's not really worthwhile to repair electric appliances if I don't know how to put things back together after opening them.
  • Pulled off an all-nighter on Saturday to watch movies. Watched three movies back to back, oh yeah!
  • Realized that off all sort of pizzas I have tasted yet, Chicken-Barbecue Pizza is clearly the best.
  • Learnt some Italian, learnt some French. In the end I was mixing up both of them, Clearly should study these languages in alternate weeks.
  • Started to draw a portrait, but put too much red color in the cheeks of its subject in order to make her blush. In the end had to abandon the project.
  • Got rid of terrible cough which I had last week (traces of it are still present).
  • Came back home one day entirely drenched in rain, on purpose.
Today happens to be the birthday of one of my dearest friend Elise.


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