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Random Blog Prompt - I

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late).

Ok, for starters, its almost impossible in college to be able to watch sunrise, unless you have pulled an all-nighter or HAVE to be awake early in case you are travelling. Its been a few months since I remember seeing the early sun, and of course it was due to an all-nighter. 

I don't really remember when exactly was it, but have a vague idea it happened sometime during October 2015. It was definitely a busy day, probably the deadline of some of the college's numerous projects as we (me and other three flat-mates) spent the entire day cursing the department. Then after we came back home, we apparently decided that a game of playing cards after dinner would be the most appropriate way to cool-off. A hard day's work demands an even harder play, and it resulted in a game after game of cards until we realized that we were hungry again.

It was nearly 3 AM, and obviously our flat was devoid of any immediate food. This left us with no other option but to go to the nearby bus stand to grab some snacks. While two friends went there to bring us provisions, me and the other remaining ones woke up my cat (she was most displeased) and coaxed us into playing with us. By the time the foraging party returned from their food-quest, it was almost 4 AM. Before hitting on the food, I was careful enough to supply my disgruntled cat a generous helping of Whiskas Salmon Jelly, after which she went out to her early morning strolls.

Eating those snacks took time, meanwhile we discussed on important matters such as starting our own company, Star Wars or Star Trek, the future of Artificial Intelligence, size of iPhones etc. It was over 5 AM when we finally finished, my eyelids already drooping by then. The other guys decided that it was yet too early to sleep, and went off to a stroll to find a shop which may serve them tea. Me, on the other hand, was content enough to lock the doors after them, and stand near the window to see the red sun coming slowly up. Well, it was my cue to sleep.

I woke up at 7 PM, the sun had long gone down by then,

Midnight Musings

Been a looong time since I wrote anything here. Today, I am not just alone in putting yp this blog, the stuff here down below is collaborated jointly by me, Gaurav and Jalaj.

Things are going a bit rough, particularly for Gaurav. I am kinda missing my cat, who has ran away. Jalaj has usual monetary problems now and then, and is worried bout his midterms. But Gaurav has relapsed in having kidney stones, AGAIN, and also he fell from a motorbike and hurt hist right side of body. After being in repair-shop for days, he is now slowly coming back to normal, but is plagued by inability to process almost all kinds of good diet, including pizza and any non veg. Plus, it appears he is suffering from ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (oooooooh!) as well, gosh I feel pity for the fellow. Kidney stones are okay, I mean u can get a new kidney, but getting a new 'prick' is not possible yet!!!


Jewel of Nature



Usual Update

Holidays have entered their last phase. Funnily enough, usually I am quite sad when they end, but after being dormant for over two months, end of holidays feels like a relief.

Anyway, two days ago I got this picture done up. I was thinking of writing this on the side of the drawing:
I am a damsel. I am in distress.
I can handle this,
Have a nice day!!! 
Thumbs up for women power!!!