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Midnight Musings

Been a looong time since I wrote anything here. Today, I am not just alone in putting yp this blog, the stuff here down below is collaborated jointly by me, Gaurav and Jalaj.

Things are going a bit rough, particularly for Gaurav. I am kinda missing my cat, who has ran away. Jalaj has usual monetary problems now and then, and is worried bout his midterms. But Gaurav has relapsed in having kidney stones, AGAIN, and also he fell from a motorbike and hurt hist right side of body. After being in repair-shop for days, he is now slowly coming back to normal, but is plagued by inability to process almost all kinds of good diet, including pizza and any non veg. Plus, it appears he is suffering from ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION (oooooooh!) as well, gosh I feel pity for the fellow. Kidney stones are okay, I mean u can get a new kidney, but getting a new 'prick' is not possible yet!!!