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Sleeping Wits!

Ok, this is it. Finally, after all these years, I got caught sleeping in the class. Too bad. And what was worse, I couldn't think up of a sensible reply to explain my drowsiness. However, after a few awkward and rather amusing minutes (for the rest of the class), I got my mind into thinking what I explanation I could give if such sort of situation comes up again. Well, I did came up with some cool ideas, so thought it would be best to share them here for the greater good. If you guys can come up with more, feel free to share it.
So as soon as you are awakened from the sweet nap in class, say the following stuff:-
  • "They told me at the blood bank that this might happen."
  • "This is just a 15 minute power-nap as described in that time management course we had earlier."
  • "I wasn't sleeping! I was meditating on the class assignment and envisioning a new paradigm."
  • "I was testing this so-called waterproof ink for drool-resistance."
  • "I was doing Yoga exercises to relieve homework-related stress."
  • "Damn, why did you had to wake me. I had almost discovered the Ultimate Question of the Universe."
  • "I just couldn't resist the gravity anymore. Its too strong for me."
  • "I was looking on the ground to check any cracks in the floor."
  • "My new contact-lens are just too heavy, they are pulling my head down".
  • "The coffee machine downstairs is broken......... (discontinue in a feeble voice)."
  • "I hate you".
  • "Oh Noooo!!! (look around in fear) They have found me, I have to leave the country now." (run away from there.)
However, in my opinion, the best way to react in this situation would be :- Do nothing, say nothing. Simply give "The Look" to the person who wakes you up. Stare down that person in such a way that he/she begins to consider himself/herself as a worthless piece of junk on this planet. Then go back to sleep. You won't be disturbed again


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