Bird Poop!!!

Mostly Humorous.


OMG, its really true, Bullet-time actually works!!! For those who don't know, Bullet time is that thing in some computer games when everything slows down and you get an extra advantage of kicking the bad guys ass. When this sort of thing is on, you can make out almost all details in the game, say the movement of bullets, the slow rotation of arrows, bad guys falling down etc. But this sort of thing has also been claimed to experienced by many people, usually when they suffer an accident or something. They seem to remember every minute detail of whatever happened to them, even how the grass leaves moved when they were falling on the ground (provided they were falling on a grassy sort of ground).

Now I have never experienced any bullet-time experience before, but as they say there is a first time for everything, and that first time was today. What actually happened that I was cutting my fingernails today, which is supposedly a very safe work to do, no chances of accident of any sort. But don't those tiny fingernails which you cut-off sometime fly out in random directions?? And today, one such tiny-weenie nail decided to aim for my left eye, which was not good at all. But even though that fingernail piece flew upwards at a rather high speed, I was able to see its exact rotations, as if everything was going in slow-mo. It was making horizontal rotations, much like a helicopter top wings, and I keep looking at it for almost a full one minute before it hit me, less than a second after which it was released from my original finger nail. (If this sentence didn't make any sense to you, re-read.)

What happened afterward was much quicker. That pointed nail-piece was lodged in my lower eye-lashes. And me, totally understanding the dangers of having any pointer thing poking at my eye at such a close range, carefully moved in front of mirror, and with utmost care, got that thing out.

Who ever thought that there was any potential danger of eye loss while cutting fingernails. I think I should be wearing protective glasses from next time when I cut my nails, just like Jackson used to do in Hannah Montana episodes.


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