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Long Live the King and the Queen!

Look what's happening in the neighborhood. The little, quiet, hilly yet extremely peaceful and and happy Kingdom of Bhutan has got a new queen!!! Yes that's right, the highly popular king of Bhutan got married yesterday to his fiancee Jetsun Pema. Its really like a fairy tale wediing, Long-long-ago-in-a-land-far-far-away sort of thing. And with democracy displacing the monarchy all over the world, it might as well be last such occasion.
And let's not overlook the fact that the new Queen is rather cute!!! Yes, she is the second woman at a high post in government (well she is the queen, the highest) in Asia who has made it to this category, the first being Pakistan's current Foreign minister. And all we got here in India are ugly old politicians, the youngest of whom is over forty years. Can't we have some good-looking leaders here as well???

Ah well, here are some of the pics of Their Majesties -

Happy Couple!!! Well, they should be. Bhutan is rated as happiest country in Asia. In fact, its the only country in the world Which measures Gross National Happiness (GNP) of its people. About time other countries do the same.
A few years back the king wanted to turn Bhutan from a absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, but this lead to widespread protests there. Funny, ain't it? Usually its the other way round. But then, since that time king had absolute powers, he decided to go against the wishes of the people and made Bhutan a constitutional monarchy, thereby ending his own absolute powers. Now the country has a parliament and a prime minister. That time, the king had famously said "Better to end the monarchy from above before its ended from below."

No wonder people there love their king. It never hurts to have a charming and wise monarchy at your side, it's like soup for the soul, specially if your queen looks something like this -


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