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The Colored Ones!

Hmm...I remember spending a few lonely evenings by looking at the moon from my terrace. ;)
Well, I started to draw this picture above long ago, say in my eight grade i.e. 2006, but then never got a chance to finish it. Around sometime in November last year, while looking through old books, I found this unfinished pic tucked away neatly. Well, I thought I might as well finish it, but I am not really good with oil pastels, specially when I use them after a gap of four years! 

Peeping Sun
Poster colors aren't my thing at all; in fact I used them first and only time while drawing this one in June last year. But hey, it doesn't look too bad! Also, I had stolen these colors from my brother, who ain't really keen on drawing anyway. But I really prefer my pencil-shading thing over these colored stuff. Black & White drawings are kinda 'classic', aren't they?


Hey, is that you pal, with blonde hair? Nice One though, liked both of them, good work!!


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