Bird Poop!!!

Mostly Humorous.


This picture is my favorite among all I ever made.Just look at her face, its so pretty. Boy, I just love her!! I have christened her Viola, taken from Shakespeare play Twelfth Night. There is quite a funny story behind this picture too. It was May 21st of this year, the day Pirates of Caribbean 4 was released. Now, as everyone will be aware there were lots of cute mermaids in that movie. Well, when I got home that day, my mind was kinda filled with swimming mermaids. And I thought that it will be rather cool to have them out on paper (to keep them with me, you know, silly thoughts lol). So I just drew one, and blimey, it was a good job indeed ;)
Geez, now I can sort of "imagine" how those sailors must have felt upon seeing a mermaid lol.

If only Viola was real!!!!!! :D


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