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Safe Hacking

This is another one of MIT's blog, Snively this time. Here he talks about hacking ethics of MIT, or more precisely, how to practice safe hacking. I really like all these codes, though Snively intended to write these as a set of rules for the hacking community (a much cooler name for pranksters) at MIT, I find that these rules can be used for day to day life as well, when you feel an urge to do some pranky-sorta things.

  • Be subtle. Don't leave evidence that you were there.
  • Always leave things as you found them, or better.
  • Leave no permanent damage, both during hacks and while hacking.
  • Don't steal anything. If you must borrow something, always return it-- perhaps even leave a note saying when it will be returned.
  • Brute force is the last resort of the incompetent. (This one is clearly my favorite ;) )
  • Don't drink and hack. Enough said.
  • Don't drop things (without a ground crew).
  • Don't hack alone.
  • Above all, exercise common sense.


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