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Beyond Apocalypse!

So we are finally into 2012!!! Glad I could make it this far. But would I, or in a general sense, the earth will be able to get on into 2013 AD????
Well, 2012 is particularly notorious for a certain apocalypse rumor, all dating back to ancient Mayans. Apprently, they didn't thik the earth would be able to carry on beyond December this year, and thus didn't bothered to made any calenders beyond that.
Personally, I don't think that the world would end just because the Mayans were too lazy or not to smart enough to make calendars beyond 2012. The status of Harry Potter page on January 1st made more sense to me. It read - "2012: The first year when we neither have a Harry Potter book nor a movie to look forward to. Maybe that's why the world is ending this year."

So just in case there indeed an apocalypse, and by sheer luck you survive it, then I think you should be start prep-ing now so as to manage in the post apocalyptic world. Here are a few practical tips, hopefully they will come in handy:-
  • Wear Clean Underwears - You will never know when is the next time you will get to change.
  • Get handy with basic tools.
  • Learn how to do your pooping work outdoors. Toilets might be a luxury in post apocalyptic scenario.
  • Learn to find the directions by the help of stars.
  • Train your palette to the tastes of "Earthly" food.
  • Get some nice, tough, durable shoes.
  • Learn Morse Code.
  • Follow the mice and the cockroaches (esp the 'roaches, they ahve survived everything till date).
  • And most importantly, FATTEN UP.


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