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Mouse Hunt - A Midnight (mis)Adventure

First thing first, this whole incident happened on the midnight of 5th and 6th September, three days ago, but I am only getting time to blog abut it now.

So, this is what actually happened. A very tiny mouse, say about 10 cm long at most (excluding its tail, of course), somehow managed to get into my room and found refuge in my printer. Though it was all very good for mouse, to me it was pure trouble. Seriously, mouse in my printer!!!!! Have to get him out......

It was a little past midnight when I first saw it poking my tail outside my printer. Well, I spent the next hour trying to get it out by all physical means (banging, shaking the printer upside down, kicking, throwing it on the wall etc etc......), but 'twas all in vain. That mouse had found a real nice cozy corner for itself, and didn't look in a mood to leave it anytime soon. However, I recalled that sometime around 2002 or 2003, the Russians were faced with a similar situation when some terrorists had seiged a theater and weren't very intent on coming out. That time, the Russian troops had pumped some sort of toxic gas in the theater to neutralize the threat. Now, I didn't had any toxic gas around to pump in my printer, but I sure had some cockroach-kill spray around. So I tried filling up the insides of printer with that spray, but again the mouse proved too strong for that. Apparently, that spray only worked on cockroaches. Clearly, I needed to increase the "toxicity" of the gas-thing; now I decided to use my brother's new deodorant for this purpose, which, in my opinion, smells like cat's piss. So bang, as soon as I filled the insides of the printer with this thing, the mouse jumped out (directly on me, but that's not important), clearly unable to breathe in there now.

What followed next was a long chase of the mouse by me all over my room, but in the end, the mouse just disappeared! And guess where it was hiding, inside one of my bed-sheet, right on my bed, no wonder I didn't manage to find it in night. Well, I was too tired to chase it again in morning after a 3 hour sleep, so I let it go at that time.......hoping that he will vacate my room on its own in day.
The printer and the mouse. Note that I have sello-taped the scanner part of the printer to prevent it from coming out when I was shaking it upside down.

Now, there was a s live facebook status update to all this, basically an exchange between me and Sarah. I am copy-pasting the status thing here because its too hilarious, but the photo comments are too long to post., better see them directly on Facebook .

A very small mouse has somehow got inside my printer, and I have been trying to get it out for more than one hour now, have tried so many tricks but its not coming out....
"Please come out, please. I need to sleep"

 ·  · Tuesday at 1:13am via mobile

    • Sarah Camille Cherry Oh wow, try peanut butter! They love that.
      Tuesday at 1:20am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar Its 1:30 am here. I have no idea where butter is in the kitchen (must be in fridge though) but the mouse is like too sacred to think about eating now. Tell me something brutal and direct.
      Tuesday at 1:26am · 

    • Sarah Camille Cherry Um, take the cover off the printer & shake him out?
      Tuesday at 1:30am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar Enough. I am going the Russian way. Fill up the infected area with poisonous gas. Now since I don't have that in hand, I am gonna use this cockroach kill spray to neutralize the threat.
      Tuesday at 1:33am · 

    • Sarah Camille Cherry Yikes! Cover your own face, that's going to stink!
      Tuesday at 1:34am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar I almost took my printer apart to take it out. But he got himself hidden in an almost sealed off sort of part of printer. Only way to get it out of there is to break it, or to go the Russian's way.
      Tuesday at 1:35am · 

    • Sarah Camille Cherry Silly mouse.
      Tuesday at 1:36am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar I posted a pic of it, on my wall. And blimey, Russian methods do work. Last time they had pumped this gas to evict terrorists from a theatre hostage situation, remember.
      Tuesday at 1:46am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar If only I can get a clear shot on its face! This spray can kill humans when inhaled, and you are a mouse.
      Tuesday at 1:51am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar A little change in plan. I better use my brother's deodorant instead of cockroach-kill spray. I can fill that small area of printer totally with this. And trust me, this thing smells like cat's piss. Poor mouse have got no chance. A real nerve gas attack for him.
      Tuesday at 1:58am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar Eeeep! it jumped out on me!
      Tuesday at 2:03am ·  ·  1 person

    • Sarah Camille Cherry Laughing out loud!! Sorry, I have to!
      Tuesday at 2:07am ·  ·  1 person

    • Himanshu Shekhar Ok, I shouldn't have shouted out like a four year old girl. But that jumping thing was unexpected.
      Tuesday at 2:15am ·  ·  1 person

    • Sarah Camille Cherry What would you do if you were in the mouse's predicament? Jumping on the human was actually pretty brave! Haha :)
      Tuesday at 2:19am ·  ·  1 person

    • Himanshu Shekhar Maybe he wasn't looking where he was jumping off too. So he practically assaulted me, now I have got a legal right to attack it lol;)
      Tuesday at 2:28am · 

    • Sarah Camille Cherry Hilarious ;p
      Tuesday at 2:34am · 

    • Himanshu Shekhar Dear mouse, you are guilty of trespassing, home invasion, deliberate assault and evading arrest. Surrender now, or face the consequences.
      Tuesday at 2:37am ·  ·  1 person

    • Sarah Camille Cherry Never have I heard a list of charges like that for a mouse! What a dangerous rascal. I think I like him, lol :)
      Tuesday at 2:47am · 


Hey think it in a positive way bro!.....all the different species of fauna like cockroaches, mouse, bat etc etc find ur room so cozy, and comfortable that they enter at their own will. Its Fabulous.........u r like an animal whisperer!!. Cong8ts!.


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