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Did I mention in my introductory blog I like Astrophysics?????
Well, I like it quite a lot actually; usually I keep thinking crazy stuff over this topic. Most of these thoughts include the fantasies of Star-Cruisers, LightSabers, Jedis and similar stuff. But sometimes, more serious thoughts haunt my cerebrum. This is the time when I start making my own hypothesis, on how the universe came up in existence, how things got rolling to their present state, are there any Aliens out here waiting to say Hello etc. Yeah I know, I am not the only one with these stuffs overflowing from head.

But anyway, I had been thinking it would be a great idea to share my opinions. Only that I took the most risky way of sharing -I shared it in my College Application. I don't think the various College officials who read that were quite impressed my it, because they did not admit me (perfect time to use the services of this site). Well it was disappointing, but now I think it was not a very wise idea to put it up on my College Application, in form of an essay. I am putting that essay down here, see for yourself :-
I never get tired of looking up at the clear night sky. After all it's a pretty cool thing. It's where a tiny pinprick of light could be an entire galaxy in itself, teeming with billions of stars and a few more billions of planets. And then there are many more such pinpricks. No wonder, our universe is vast, it's absolutely fantastic! But then comes this big question –"How exactly did it turn up like this in the first place?
Something as big as this universe cannot come up unplanned. Imagining an unplanned universe is similar to assuming that a tornado raged through a junkyard and, purely by chance, by the time it left it had assembled an Airbus A-380 in there! But then what, does this mean there is some sort of grand architect somewhere up above, creating all the laws and everything. But if it's so then from where exactly this high level guy came around? There have to be someone above him, and then someone above that higher level guy, and so on. Mind-boggling, isn't it?
This ultimate question of the universe always teases me, bugs me, mocks me. Its answer is like a seductress, lying in the shadows, smiling to you, beckoning you towards her but vanishing into deeper depths when you take a step towards her. But we can't go further if we don't take steps. Personally, I find one hypothesis quite intriguing (of course, there are hundreds of them already, but this one is mine). What if our universe is not the only one out there, what if they are many more such universes, each following its own physical laws? This is not like picturing the parallel universes; anyway I don't agree with the concept of parallel universes. If there were any parallel universe then there must have been some sort of detectable interaction between our universe and any of the parallel ones, given the total amount of energy of a universe possess. Well till now, we haven't seen any, have we? It's more feasible to imagine the numerous universes like bubbles in an empty space. Those bubbles inside whom all the physical laws and the gravity works in consistency with each other survive and bloom, while the others blow up. Survival of the fittest, based on trial and error. Then there is no grand design, we are all just one of the numerous products, surviving because of some elegant accident!
Of course at first glance all this seems like one of those fantasy stories, but hey, space travel was a fantasy a hundred years ago. But yeah I agree, this is just a speculation for now. I don't know anything for sure of course, no one does. But I would love to try and find out!
I don't find the idea that our universe simply burst into existence with a (big) bang very much convincing. Our current theories say that it all started with that mega blast, and then everything kept on expanding, every piece falling in its place and in the end we got what we see today. But I feel that it's like saying you and I are here more or less due to a lucky stroke. What if even one thing in this whole process would have gone amiss? We wouldn't have been here then. No, this sounds rather absurd. Just consider this point – Our universe is balanced due to the presence of gravity (Stephen Hawking actually regards it as the hero of the universe). But if there would have been a little more gravity then the universe would have collapsed on itself like a heap, and if there would have been a little less then the universe will disintegrate! So how come there is exactly right amount of gravity around here, keeping everything in its place? All this is just too perfect, and as we know, there is nothing like perfection.
It would have been way better if I had some concrete proof to back up this theory of mine, general speculation is not too good :(. But I don't mind, next time I won't put up theories and hypothesis-es without having something to back it up in first place.


Hey Buddy nice thought above. I liked it overall but I want to question you at this point-"Our universe is balanced due to the presence of gravity". This is not completely true. You cannot say that our Universe is existent due to gravity,yeah it is sure one of the prime factors for our universe to be steady rather than in chaos but there are many other forces of nature that we still don't know 'bout. For eg.: Dark Energy. And yes I question you that if we still assume that our universe is balanced due to Gravity ;to what is it banlancing the universe. There has to be at least two Forces to balance each other. According to me if one of them is Gravity,the other one may be Dark energy.
Gravity is really a very fundamental force of nature but the fact that it extends into several dimensions(may be 11) and also in the HYPERSPACE makes it relatively weaker than the other forces in nature.


wow u guys seem to be really interested in astrophysics..n i found this pretty interesting to read!!


@abhinav: Thx for your enlightening comment. I might write something more upon this next time, adding the things u have provided.

@motusi: My favorite blog over space is "Watch out at this space", written by me of course. Have u read it?


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