Bird Poop!!!

Mostly Humorous.


So, long time since I have been here. Anyway, nothing much going on, except that now holidays have started to go a bit boring.
I have been trying so hard to make a portrait. This other day Sweta asked (ok, challenged) me to get a portrait done of her, and believe me, portrait drawing is hard, very hard indeed. Anyway, I tried for like four hours today and got various sort of portraits done, none of which matched her face even remotely. I guess I just suck at it.

I was about to give up when I remembered this blog You Know What Would be Cool? Of course getting a portrait done would be cool, and also it will fulfill the aforesaid challenge. So guess what, I am back in business baby. Ok, I may not be able to get this portrait thing done now, or maybe not in this vacations. But get this, Building a portrait is cool, and as the blog said, the answer to "You know what would be cool" is almost always "Wait a second, I can actually do this". This sucker portrait is going down, oh yeah!


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