Bird Poop!!!

Mostly Humorous.


OK, this post was supposed to be here on Christmas day. But for some reason I had been really busy, and consequently really lazy on the weekends, so haven't been blogging much lately.

Anyway, moving on. I had been thinking of giving Richie a Christmas gift, but couldn't really decide what to get for her. I could have bought something for her, but this time I wanted to do something more "personal". So the best thing which came to my mind was to make her a nice drawing, something Christmas-sy. And what could be better than the famous and lovable poster of movie Its A Wonderful Life. So, I did that :-

Its does looks good, I got it all laminated and presented it to her, and she loved it. That blank area at the top left-hand corner was ideal to write a small message, but that ain't for public viewing. ;)


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